“You’re So Shy!” Should You Reply?

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“You’re So Shy!”  Should You Reply?

Q & A Time….  Here’s a question from a fellow Rules Woman.


If a man sends you a first email on a dating site, then he keeps asking you questions and says “gee you’re so quiet and shy?”   What do I say to that ?

Dear Rules Woman,Firstly, I want to say this is my perspective and other Rules coaches may say something different.

However, I would not say anything to this comment from a man on a dating site.

If you’re in-person and he says it, I would just ‘smile’ and say nothing.  If he keeps saying it, you can say ‘perhaps’ in a questioning, flirty way.  But, never claim it and say, “yes, you’re right I’m shy” or try to explain it.  Don’t be like, “well, we just met, etc.”

This is not something you have to respond to.  Remember, you are busy and have a life.  The only question you need to respond to is ‘yes or no’ when he suggests a date, moving the relationship forward, or proposes.  And, even then, wait a few moments before responding.  Don’t be like an overeager puppy.  hahahah :))))))
Best wishes on the Rulesy Road.
With love and gratitude,

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