Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Dear Gorgeous Goddesses,

I’m speaking this Sunday in Irvine, CA.

I thought I’d forward you the info below in case (a) you want to attend or (b) you would like to read some of the ideas of Ava Park, who is an amazing spiritual leader and author.  Ava has taught me so much about the Queen archetype.

My approach to dating, is a combination of my interpretation of The Rules, feminism, studying women’s history, and what I’ve learned from Ava.

If you can’t make it in-person and would like the audio, just click ‘Reply’ to this message, put “Yes, please” in the subject line, and I will get the audio to you next week.

Happy Valentine’s Weekend!   I bet you’re feeling extra-revved up to find love.  So, let’s channel it toward your love aspirations.  Want to be engaged by the end of 2016?  Then you better start taking action!

Your mission for the weekend – do one thing each day for self-care (exercise, massage, seeing a friend, meditating, going to church, etc.) and do one thing toward your dating goals.  Remember, it’s the dead-zone so you cannot reach out to men on the weekend – no texting, calling, or emailing!!!  Maybe your action item in the dating category will be to pick up All The Rules so you can start getting well-versed in these strategies.  Perhaps if you’re feeling super-sexy with all the love in the air, this weekend is a perfect time to get all dolled up (if you don’t have dates) and have your friend take pics of you to put on your online dating profile.  Then, go out to a singles event or another place where the men are so you can be admired.

Have a lovely day!



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