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Hi Lovely Gals,

Happy Sunshiny Sunday!

I highly recommend that if you have not yet read The Rules (TR) books, you read them so you have a strong foundation for what I’m sharing with you.

Consider their books Prerequisites for what I teach.

You can listen to The Rules, The Rules II, and Not Your Mother’s Rules all through Audible, audiobook downloads.

Or, if you’re a fan of the written word,  the book All The Rules, which combines TR and TR II.  After reading All The Rules, then read NYMR (Not Your Mother’s Rules).  But, read the ones from the 90’s first because they’re really foundational.  They’re available on Amazon in a hardcopy version and as ebooks.

Now to the topic today – SUNSHINE!

Did you know Sunday is named for the Sun?  It is!  Today is the perfect day to remember to be Sunshiny and L & B (Light and Breezy, as Ellen and Sherrie call it).

See if you can focus on the positive in your thought and speech.  When you’re on a date, don’t focus on problems, share what makes you happy and exude sunshine!

Women are often raised to believe the divulging information creates bonding.  While this may be good for deepening female friendships, too much too soon is the kiss of death when dating.

The Sun is radiant and its warmth gives life and beauty to the world.   Let your self-possessed, self-contained radiance shine out, but don’t do too much for the man in your life until he’s earned it.  The Sun has it’s own magnetic pull that causes the Earth to revolve around it.  It has mass, weight, and power.  Because the sun is so powerful (heavy), the Earth revolves around it.

Be like the Sun, give weight and gravity to your own goals and passions.  Be a CUAO (Creature Unlike Any Other See RULE 1!), know you’re a Queen, and let others come to you.  Do not chase men.  The Sun doesn’t chase…

Why push when you can pull?  Magnetizing Mr. Right is the name of the game – not working too hard to try to ‘win’ his love.

Just be like the Sun, beautiful, relaxed, and focused on your own purpose, goals, and life.

So, notice the Sun today (whether it’s cloudy or sunny where you live) this beautiful entity is giving light, so give thanks and feel its energy in every cell of your being.

Have a Sunshiny Sunday and remember to sparkle because you are precious.


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