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Hi Lovely Gals,

Happy Tuesday!

I highly recommend that if you have not yet read The Rules (TR) books, you read them so you have a strong foundation for what I’m sharing with you.

One of my favorite ways I’ve learned TR – besides reading the books, listening to their audios, watching their DVDs and doing coaching directly with Ellen and Sherrie is through reading Vanessa Taylor-Dalal’s Platinum Girl Celebrity Blog as well as her fabulous ebook on texting.  She’s a Rules success story, she did TR and met the man of her dreams.

Her website is fabulous!  If you have yet to check it out – I highly recommend you go visit this now!

Vanessa’s blog is a great way to learn The Rules and be entertained too.

Great points from her most recent article:

“…This made me think about how a woman will initiate a sexual encounter with a man and, once rejected, go to another for validation.

Maybe it doesn’t come in the form of sleeping with someone. Maybe it’s just one man isn’t responding to her texts so she reaches out to another. Or she resuscitates something with her ex in an attempt to make herself feel attractive. All because the first man didn’t want anything to do with her physically.

Instead of quitting while she’s ahead, the woman will keep on going to man after man, chasing and pursuing, let down after let down. She finds herself in a never ending cycle of plummeting self-esteem and possibly (but hopefully not), many walks of shame.”

This is why we do TR – we find fulfillment in other areas of our life and don’t let men’s approval or rejection define us.  We have our own life and only a man who pursues is worthy of our most precious commodities – our love, time, and attention.  

As Vanessa says, “Shine like Platinum.”

Have a beautiful day, lovely gals!


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